Beware the Friendly Stranger (agentoneal) wrote in zombiewatch,
Beware the Friendly Stranger

Max Brooks on NPR

If you have time and aren't doing anything, you MUST listen to this interview. NPR had Max Brooks on the show, and they talked about the war.. as if it were real. It was like a War of the Worlds type broadcast, it was pretty awesome. Sure it was meant to be satirical, but the callers really made it.


For the people who have read World War Z, how was it? I haven't been able to get it just yet, so no spoilers please.

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EDIT - Turns out that's an interview he did for Zombie Survival Guide.

For those of you who didn't hear the interview he did TODAY, it was basically the reporter interviewing Max about the war and how it affected people. People called in with their own stories of how they survived and had questions for Max regarding the zombies.. it was played as if it had actually happened. He talked about the 'patient zero' of the plague and where it originated and what not, and not once did the interviewer make it seem that it was a joke. It was very awesome.

Sorry for the confusion, but that's a pretty cool interview also.
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