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Article [12 Jun 2009|12:42am]

A Harvard psychiatrist has written a paper on zombie neurobiology. Is the academic community finally taking the threat seriously, or do they know something we don't?

The article.

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lostzombies.com [07 Nov 2008|10:42pm]


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[14 Jun 2008|01:38am]


Zombie Encounters and Outbreaks Tracked on New Web Site, LostZombies.com

A new social media web site has launched to educate and inform the world about the existence of zombies. LostZombies.com provides a platform for individuals to share videos, photos and other proof of zombie encounters. Once enough material has been gathered, Lost Zombies will use the information to create an educational, community-generated documentary on the subject.

Friday the 13th, June 2008 -- LostZombies.com, a social media site dedicated to gathering definitive proof that zombies exist, announces its recent launch. Zombie videos, photos, reenactments and other submissions will be used to create a community-generated documentary to educate the public about the reality of zombies and a potential, if not imminent, zombie apocalypse.


It's time for the world to wake up to a harsh reality - zombies are real. This site was created as a tool for individuals to post worldwide evidence of zombie attacks and outbreaks
"It's time for the world to wake up to a harsh reality - zombies are real. This site was created as a tool for individuals to post worldwide evidence of zombie attacks and outbreaks," says Skot Leach of Lost Zombies. "The content gathered by Lost Zombies members will be used to create the definitive documentary on zombies, which will help educate and inform the general public about this very real danger."

Individuals who wish to share their evidence can become members of Lost Zombies by creating a free account. Members can also chat, comment on other users' evidence and discuss zombie outbreaks from around the world.

Users can share information by adding submissions to an outbreak or creating an outbreak if one has not been previously reported. By creating or adding content to an outbreak, users are not only potentially saving lives, but contributing to the movement dedicated to revealing zombies as fact, not fiction. All content submissions to Lost Zombies must be zombie-related.

Since its launch only a few weeks ago, Lost Zombies members have reported outbreaks in places such as New York City, Memphis, Atlanta, Northern California and Northern Wisconsin. Sightings have also been reported in locations around the world, including London, Copenhagen and Toronto.

For more information about Lost Zombies, zombie outbreaks or the site's mission to create a community-generated documentary, visit www.LostZombies.com.


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Survival tips I suggest [13 Jun 2008|03:21pm]

Wear tight fiting clothes.Short hair and sharp weapons at hand.
Have ample food and water.Move at night.

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[27 Apr 2008|09:25pm]

This is probably very likely just viral video, but we need to be on guard nonetheless.

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You damn fools. [25 Jan 2008|09:48am]


We are one accident away..

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[28 Nov 2007|09:26am]

While this is a little less serious than we, here at Zombie Watch, are used to dealing with, the fact remains that zombies are pretty much the closest thing to an unbeatable foe.

Therefore, we should make the most of our impending future.

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[26 Nov 2007|05:45pm]

[ mood | suspicious ]

Granted, this is from a humor site, but some of the points they make are disturbingly accurate. After all, good humor is based on the truth...

5 Scientific Reasons A Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

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zombie merch [12 Oct 2007|02:15pm]

 Check out my blog http://ooh-shiny.net
It has an entire category of zombie stuff! 

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Zombie bacteria live in our lakes!!!!! [29 Sep 2007|11:44am]

[ mood | freaked out ]

6 Die from Brain-eating Amoeba

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[24 Sep 2007|11:16am]

ztales has begun.

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Preparation starts at home [23 Aug 2007|06:54pm]

I suppose if you want to hide your Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness under a bush, then this tableis for you. Personally, my machete is sharp and in plain view. I don't want to be disassembling something when the shuffling mass is at the gates, but I do appreciate the effort.

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[03 Jun 2007|09:48am]

While not utterly serious, this is a fun little quiz to take. And it can give one a few ideas on how to improve their zombie preparations.

Zombie Quiz

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[28 May 2007|11:49pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Zombie-themed fashion show.

If zombie chic becomes fashionable, how will we know the real thing? Insidious.

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Renewed Sense of Insecurity [30 Mar 2007|08:11am]

It's when I see stories like this one that I am reminded of the hundreds, if not thousands, of potential causes of a zombie infection, not to mention other sorts of nasty infectious things.

Blood in Sewer Drenches City Worker

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Education on Zombification Through 80s Cartoons [18 Feb 2007|09:44pm]

In ten short minutes, the Smurfs illustrate the ease with which a zombie virus can be spread. Also, you can clearly hear a Smurf say "Die!" during the melee with the purple Smurfs.


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Zombie Outbreak in Cambodia [28 Sep 2006|06:02pm]

This looks like it could lead to the zombie virus being used as a biological weapon. Very bad news.

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Max Brooks on NPR [19 Sep 2006|08:37pm]

If you have time and aren't doing anything, you MUST listen to this interview. NPR had Max Brooks on the show, and they talked about the war.. as if it were real. It was like a War of the Worlds type broadcast, it was pretty awesome. Sure it was meant to be satirical, but the callers really made it.


For the people who have read World War Z, how was it? I haven't been able to get it just yet, so no spoilers please.

x-posted to zombie_survival

EDIT - Turns out that's an interview he did for Zombie Survival Guide.

For those of you who didn't hear the interview he did TODAY, it was basically the reporter interviewing Max about the war and how it affected people. People called in with their own stories of how they survived and had questions for Max regarding the zombies.. it was played as if it had actually happened. He talked about the 'patient zero' of the plague and where it originated and what not, and not once did the interviewer make it seem that it was a joke. It was very awesome.

Sorry for the confusion, but that's a pretty cool interview also.

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[28 Aug 2006|02:13pm]

The Zombies of Seattle

There is an element of truth to every story. Keep your eyes open.

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Im getting one! [20 Aug 2006|02:21am]


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